The Martian Chronicles (1945)

Author: Ray Bradbury Finished reading on: 6/13/17   Synopsis: A short story collection which telling the story of Earth’s colonization of Mars at the turn of the twenty-first century. The short stories actually start from the perspective of the Martians, an old and ancient race whose civilization is dying. They Martians hold off the first … Continue reading The Martian Chronicles (1945)


Knowing Christ Today: why we can trust spiritual knowledge (2009)

Author: Dallas Willard Finished reading on 5/11/17 This book is a contemporary philosophical analysis of the state of Christian knowledge today. It examines how our society has arrived at the assumption that spiritual knowledge of Christ and His teachings are taken as merely a matter of belief without any foundation of reliable knowledge at all. … Continue reading Knowing Christ Today: why we can trust spiritual knowledge (2009)

The Iliad

Author: Homer Finished reading on 4/22/17 Ironically, watching the movie Troy made me really interested to read the original. I had always planned on reading The Iliad eventually, I love reading the old epics, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Being an English major and an English teacher, I have of course … Continue reading The Iliad