About this Blog


I used to think of my blog posts as book reviews. That isn’t really true. My posts are reflective in nature and are primarily intended for myself. It is my opinion that writing about your reading is an essential tool for both retention of what you read and understanding of what you read. My posts don’t follow any particular format. Sometimes they are just a summary of the book. Sometimes they are are more critical in nature. Sometimes I just write whatever thoughts I had while reading the book. I keep my reflections in blog form for two reasons. The first is simply that it’s more fun to write on a blog than simply save files to my computer. Secondly, I hope to encourage others to engage in the practice of reading too.

Title Background

The title is an allusion to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It’s also the title of an Original Star Trek episode that takes place in an alien library. You can’t get much better than a Shakespeare and Star Trek reference in one title. And in a more literal way “all our yesterdays” of course refers to history which is contained in books!

Contact Information

abigailmmadison@outlook.com  or  https://www.facebook.com/abby.madison91